Meet Our New Communications and Operations Intern


Who are you and where are you from? 

My name is Dan and I'm from Dorking in Surrey. 

What exactly is a Communications and Operations Intern? 

Well I will be working with Rachel McLafferty, helping her in the jobs that she does. That means that I'll be helping running the social media pages, website and weekly emails. I’ll also be assisting in the organising of church events such as the upcoming Church weekend away! 

I’ll also be studying ‘Theology Ministry and Mission’ one day a week at St Hild’s college during my year here. I hope to get involved in many other areas of church life too.

What are you looking forward to most about the job? 

I'm excited for all that I will be doing but, building my design skills is an area of particular interest for me. I think the opportunity to work in a church is also very exciting and I have already seen the amazing things that this brings.

How are you finding your move to Sheffield? 

I like it! Bit colder than down south but the people here so far are lovely. I like living next to the city and am looking forward to exploring it further. 

I have settled in well with the family I am living with which has made the move very easy and comfortable.

What difference does Christian faith make in your life? 

Huge difference! My life has been completely shaped by my Christian faith. I wouldn’t be here without my Christian faith. I was fortunate to be brought up in a Christian church attending family and so, I have been completely shaped around the church from the friends I have, music I like, books I read and places I go. 

I am really hoping this year here I would grow and deepen my relationship with God especially as I enroll at St Hild’s

What can we be praying for as a church family for you? 

  • Ease into my role well to become a competent member of the team at All Saints. 

  • Discipline to practice my faith further and prioritise growing my relationship and understanding of Christ.

  • That I can settle into the home I am staying in and also that I settle into the area and am able to make friends here. 

  • For God to show me immeasurably more this year as I answer his call to step into ministry.