David Onac
Director of Choral Music

e: david.onac@allsaintsecclesall.org.uk

David Önaç is a composer, pianist, musical director and lecturer.  He has led and played music in a diverse range of churches, and became Director of Choral Music at All Saints Ecclesall in January 2018.  He passionately believes that congregational music can be a highly meaningful way to respond in worship to the Biblical truths of God’s character, perfection, majesty, and beauty.  Correspondingly, music of extraordinary beauty can powerfully remind worshippers of, and point them towards, God’s beauty.  

David has studied at Cambridge and Manchester and lectured at Manchester and Birmingham and the RCCM.

David spends about half the week in Manchester, working as a professional musician.  His portfolio encompasses jazz & gospel, piano tuition, and directing the award-winning Manchester Harmony Gospel Choir.  He also enjoys frisbee, basketball, table-tennis, hiking, and swimming (ideally at the seaside in a hot country).